About BeautiqueMD

Born from the collective passion and expertise of board-certified dermatologists - Doctors Anna P. Rufino, Gaile R. Vitas, and Karla C. Luchangco - BeautiqueMD offers you a signature beauty experience like no other - personal attention with professional execution. 


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Beauty MD

Dr. Anna

A board-certified dermatologist, a happy wife, and a loving mother to 3 boys.

Nothing brings her more happiness and pride than seeing her patients come in for her specialized treatments and walk out completely feeling better about themselves.  

Beauty MD

Dr. Karla

A board-certified dermatologist,and a new, doting Beauty Mom.

Her passion is in sharing safe and healthy tips with fellow new mothers on how to take care of their skin.

Beauty MD

Dr. Gaile

A board-certified dermatologist and a passionate teacher.

She loves sharing her knowledge about dermatology and proper skin care.


We offer solutions to your skin concerns by prescribing only the best and most effective treatments from our well-curated selection of products and procedures. 


Beauty is a commitment. So we commit to helping you achieve your body goals by using a holistic approach to weight management, permanently getting rid of stubborn fat in certain areas of the body and tightening loose skin. 

Other Services

With innovative aesthetic technology combined with our certified and proven beauty expertise, we offer you a range of effective solutions to address your beauty concerns.